Scary Pumpkins
Its Halloween
Atlanta Skydiving Center presents it's 5th annual pumpkin chunkin Saturday November 9th.

What is pumpkin chunkin? 

It's a contest! You will take your pumpkin, get into the C-182 jump plane and fly over the ground at 500 ft. Navigate the aircraft by  giving the pilot course directions (corrections) (i.e.: 5 left, 10 right) then when you are in the correct position, you will launch your pumpkin at the ground target. The person who's pumpkin spats closest to the ground target wins! It's as easy as that!

What do I win?

Each participant will pay $10 for their pumpkin and airplane bombing run. The money is put into a pot. The airplane's fuel, and money for the pumpkins will be deducted from the pot. The remaining money will be given to the 2002 ASC pumpkin chunkin contest winner!   You could win big!

See you there!

    SkullHalloween SoundsSkull
Flame Get Out! Spooky voice saying, not surprisingly, "Get-out"
Flame Thunder A superb thunder crack
Flame Ghosts A montage of moans!
Flame Haunted House Creak, moan & SCREAAAMMM!!!

 Current ASC Halloween Pumpkin Chunkin champion = Russel Hayslet 

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